• Product Design
  • UX/UI Design


SaaS for CRM information management, voice notes, and text messaging.


  • 1 PO
  • 1 TL
  • 1 BA
  • 2 Devs
  • 1 Product Designer



Unifying and processing all CRM system data with AI.

Information management in sales processes is crucial and is not free from errors or human failures. Rollio's goal was to create a SaaS that would leverage data from different sources (natural voice, text messages and CRMs) and process them with artificial intelligence triggering automated processes that would foster sales closures and customer loyalty. My task was to create efficient flows for processing conversations, implementation management, data sources, and user management.

The goal.

Leverage all data from different sources and present it in a useful and timely manner to sales representatives, manage sources, users, conversations, and companies.

The beginning.

At the time they contacted me, the system was operational but everything was done through the Back-End. They didn't have a graphical interface but had good documentation, excellent stakeholders, and a system that offered many advantages to the sales force of companies, eliminating inefficiencies and avoiding data silos.

At the speed of light.

The workflow was extremely agile; the system lent itself to it since there weren't many sections or extremely complex processes. Information was consumed from different systems and unified here.

The "simplicity" of the task flows contrasted with the value that a tool of this type brought to the user.

No UX Artifacts or research.

Another peculiar aspect of this project was that we started directly with wireframes based on meetings and documentation. The idea was to use the BA and PO's Know-How to give shape to a system that already had a soul and heart, to accelerate the process to the maximum.
Later phases involved conducting interviews with users and questionnaires to validate our hypotheses.

Weeks of work


Designed task flows


Tasks related to managing data sources, conversation logs, deployments, and roles, among others.

Designed screens


Screens made from scratch.