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SaaS B2B B2C for control, management, and supervision of specialists, patients, and cosmetic medications.


  • 1 PO/TL
  • 8 Devs
  • 1 UX/UI Designer



The solution for solopreneurs dedicated to aesthetics.

Starting a business of aesthetic procedures for solo entrepreneurs involves significant expenses that they often cannot afford. Portrait's goal is to offer a platform, provide venues, and offer products to entrepreneurs that allow them to start their business for a fraction of its cost and reduce opening time by 80%. I redesigned the sales flows and management of aesthetic products, inventory, purchase orders, patients, appointments, and created more useful and efficient versions of the main screens of the system.

The goal.

Facilitating the system's use by sales representatives, the loading of information, the management and monitoring of the sale of aesthetic health products, improving the user experience for nurses, doctors, and patients.
Designing the responsive version primarily aimed at nurses, doctors, and patients.

The beginning.

The flows mostly didn't have significant usability errors, but there was room for improvement. Additionally, changes and new functionalities were being implemented that required alterations in many system task flows.
The entire design system and screens had been created in Sketch and Zeplin, so one of the first tasks was to update it to a more modern and practical system like Figma.

Improve, Evaluate, Iterate.

The Product Owner had a clear understanding of the flows, the flaws, and new functionalities they wanted to incorporate into the system. Additionally, they had a very clear idea and an execution-oriented approach, focused on testing and continuous improvement.
Furthermore, they also had a keen eye, ability, and taste for interface design, as well as knowledge of UX/UI, which greatly aided in providing feedback.

A Piece of Cake.

With the design system already created and implemented, most flows functioning properly and at an acceptable level of usability, my job was relatively straightforward. However, it's true that almost every screen of the system was touched, some with minor changes, others with significant changes, and some completely new flows.

Weeks of work


Redesigned task flows


Tasks related to sales reconciliation and history, receipts, inventory control, and patients, among others.

Redesigned screens


Redesign of previous screens, creation of screens for new functionalities and responsive design.