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CSR3 game players & prizes management SaaS B2B


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Improving the effectiveness of offers and prize campaigns for players.

Driving the purchase of gaming items among millions of users from different countries with campaigns presents significant challenges due to its complexity. Our goal with the GAT (Game Administration Tool) system was to build a SaaS that simplified campaign target segmentation and effectively displayed the most important information about campaign results to those responsible for creating them. We built a system that helped marketers gauge the pulse of campaigns to make adjustments that facilitated more conversions, fostered loyalty, and generated engagement among players.

The goal.

Making more items such as cars, skins, tires, upgrades, among others, sell; learning which segmentation strategies + campaigns were the most effective for this purpose; and being able to handle corrective measures more efficiently for players who were reported for misconduct such as insulting other players or making racist, sexist, or any other type of comments that violated the rules.

The beginning.

The first step, as in almost all projects, after understanding the business goals, was to identify the users, create personas by grouping them by roles/tasks/information they need. The system had a very flat information architecture with only one level where all the sections were located, inherited from the previous system, which the client didn't want to change to avoid disrupting their users and the learning curve. We also didn't have the opportunity to conduct user testing.

Overcoming the limitations.

Understanding what was non-negotiable for the client, I focused on what we could change.
I worked on the main flows that affected conversion
, which were: the sales and retention campaign creation flow, target audience configuration, campaign frequency, and data visualization.

Analyze and simplify.

If for Mr. Miyagi it's wax on, wax off, for me it's analyze and simplify ad infinitum. At the end of the day, making the tasks of the salespeople as easy as possible to do and remember, ensuring that information is quick to view and process, and making it simpler to take actions and make changes on the fly is what translates into more sales.

Taking a holistic approach.

It was important to meet the deadlines by working in parallel with the other system flows: Product and player management, chat auditing, abuse reporting, and corrective actions. Later, we would work with other areas of the system such as test environment management, change auditing, and server analysis, among others.

Quality documentation.

A key aspect of this project was the quality of the documentation generated by the stakeholders, both from the client and from the team of which I was a part.

This not only impacted the quality of the deliverables but also the speed of decision-making and the client's satisfaction with the results.

Validation and corrections.

Although we didn't have the opportunity to conduct direct user interviews, we received a lot of support from the Business Analysts on both sides. Internally, the client did conduct tests with their users and provided us with the collected feedback. While these weren't formal tests, they provided valuable information that allowed us to fine-tune details and make useful improvements for the end user.

Weeks of work


Redesigned task flows


Tasks related to promotion management, product management, player segmentation, and auditing abuse reports, among others.

Redesigned screens


Improvements were made to all screens from the previous system and new functionalities were added.