Chai Vault


  • UX/UI Design


Blockchain based SaaS B2B


  • 1 PO
  • 1 BA
  • 1 TL
  • 3 Devs
  • 1 UX Designer


Chai Vault

Provable authenticity and provenance for wines and spirits.

Counterfeit wines are a multibillion-dollar problem in the global wine industry. ChaiVault uses blockchain, RFID, QR codes, and holographic technology to ensure the origin, ownership, and authenticity of wines that can cost from hundreds of thousands to even millions of dollars at auctions. I redesigned the screens and workflows of the SaaS that handled information regarding wines, identifiers, certificates, and connection to the blockchain.

The goal.

Improve user experience, simplify processes, and reduce the cognitive load of screens with a lot of information and/or processes.

The beginning.

There was already a system created without any designer intervention, although it fulfilled its purpose, it was not at all user-friendly. There were confusing processes, the information overload was a very long and tedious process, prone to errors, and without any type of assistance for the users.

Simplify, simplify, and simplify.

Most of my work involved analyzing task flows, identifying usability issues, and applying necessary corrections, which could range from something as simple as reorganizing information and using the appropriate components to proposing completely different task flows.

Simple yet interesting and innovative.

I had never worked on projects related to wine authentication before this project. I was completely unfamiliar with the subject matter, the problem it represented, its scope, the figures involved, and the technologies and methodologies involved. I found it incredibly interesting.

Weeks of work


Redesigned task flows


Tasks related to cellar management, wines, blockchain, certificates, authenticators, and purchase-sale history.

Redesigned screens


Redesign of previous screens and creation of screens for new functionalities.