My process

1. Research

I search same kind of apps or websites in order to know what is currently in the market.

2. Approach

I made sketches in paper to understand the actions and goals of the users.

3. UX Artifacts

I make UX Personas & Scenarios, User & Task Flows, Customer Journey Maps, Red Route Analysis, Wireframing.

4. UI & Prototyping

I make the UI Design, prototyping and the necessary iterations to get the final product.


I always start every single project with research, before draw the first line on paper I search information about the target market, competitors, similar apps/services, it is very important step to me because I need to make a different and better product that the actual ones, I need to improve the functionalities and add value with new and useful features.


With the research info I start to draw with paper and pencil some sketches of the interface, this is previous to UX in order to let me be free to ideate features and improves only from the perspective of a new user, I have not limits in this phase about age, sex, demography, ethnography or others, just an user thinking about the useful features that I like implement on this project.


Then I start reading the complete documentation, making UX Personas & Scenarios, Customer Journey Maps, Red Route Analysis, Informaton Architecture & Card Sort Task, User & Task Flows, Wireframing.


With the validated UX Artifacts by the stakeholders I proceed to bring them to life with colors and icons, using the IOS and material design guidelines I made the UI Design of all screens in the app or webApp.

When screens are ready I upload to InvisionApp or MarvelApp to test the prototype with co-workers and users, I always make two different versions of UI Design, not olnly different about colors but diferent in layout and buttons location to test the most effective way to show them to the user.

Ideation & Co-Creation

Sometimes the Product Owner or Stakeholder have not the final product defined yet then we can work together, I can help him/her with new ideas, another point of view, constructive criticism, suggestions, user analysis and task analysis.

Full Ideation

When a client just have an general and abstract idea about their project, I can take their main idea and transform in a useful and beautiful app or webApp making a match between their business goals and the user goals.


I can make the brand identity from scratch to every kind of industry, I can proposeeven the name after a research about competitors and domain names, I can do the logotype, color scheme, prints and POP.

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