My name is Leonel Silva, I am a UI/UX Designer & Front-end Developer. I love solving problems with design, HTML, CSS and JS, making beautifully responsive websites and other stuffs like graphic design and animation.

And obviously my website is under construction. ;-) I Made: I have a passion for pixel perfect, minimal & easy to use interfaces.

User InterfaceThrough my years of experience I’ve been involved in a number of different projects. Branding, logo’s, marketing and websites have no secret for me. Even though I enjoy any of those tasks, I have specialised into making simple, clean and beautifull human interfaces.

User ExperienceMaking pretty pixels is very easy. Making them usable is another ball game. Naturally placed elements in a page can be more powerfull than any visual style. Problem solving is an everyday exercice in my work. It touches many other skills like psycology , logic, analyse.

FrontEnd DevelopingEversince I learnt design I’ve been teaching myself how to integrate them. Having an web designer background, I have specialised myself into a designer coder unicorn.

My Skills: Services:

Front end build (html+css+js)Fornt end developing over standars, html5 + css3, responsive design, intensive use of js (jquery/prototype).

CMS-Framework design or redesign (joomla, wordpress, bootstrap)I can work with websites online.

Designs to developers & Advertising agenciesOnly the design, the mockups, wireframing, information architecture.

Brand DevelopmentLogotype and corporate identity, color palette, brand identity style guides, corporate identity manual, name selection, find a domain name.

Presentations (ppt, prezzi, flash, video)Good designs and nice transitions to sell yourself or your product.

Print & Graphic DesignPresentations cards, flyers, big formats, posters, magazines advertise.

On Progress:
Contact me / +58 424 238.88.28 / Linkedin / Twitter / Google+ / Facebook